House on sale at Icimod Dhapakhel

Description: a brand new 1 storey house built in 0-3-0-0 land area, facing north inside entrance, west side main gate, having 12 feet newly pitched road, less than a 1 km southern from satdobato, Lalitpur at icimod dhapakhel is on sale.

rooms and floor details:

Ground floor: 1 living room, kitchen dining, 1 common toilet bathroom, 2 normal bedrooms.

1rst floor: pillars are ready to extend next storey.

additional features: 1 car parking space, recently blacktopped up to close to this compound, very close to public transportation station sumeru hospital, gems school, less than a km from the main satdobato ring road, underground reserved water tank.

House for sale at kathmandu sukedhara

Description: a beautiful House for sale on Kathmandu at  sukedhara ,facing east having 12 feet pitched road

Ground floor: 1 living hall, 1 kitchen dining,1 bedroom,1 toilet bathroom
1 st floor: 1 living room, 2bed room ( attached toilet),1 toilet bathroom
2 nd floor: 2bed room ( attached toilet), a small puja room,1 toilet bathroom
3rd/Top floor:  terrace

Additional feature: 1 car parking space ,inar ,10,000 lit reserve tank,small garden

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