The real estate market remains quite variable. The housing sector has been able to find a place in the market but has also experienced a period of crisis. 
For several years a large number of real estate agencies have opened their doors. The competition is then quite tough.

The purpose of real estate agencies is to inform its customers on housing for rent, for sale or to buy but also to seek business.

The real estate agents are often connected to a national network, they are one of the franchises. This increases the chances of getting to their projects.

The different tasks of the real estate agent

The real estate agent is there to facilitate the transaction with sellers and buyers. He usually works in an agency but he can also be independent. Often made to move, the real estate agent spends a lot of time visiting properties and estimating them, and is familiar with the market in his area. When he finds a new property, he must sign a mandate of sale or lease, being an obligation for all real estate sales of an agency. There are two types of mandate in real estate:

The simple mandate: This type of contract allows, for example, the owner to sell by himself. The simple contract generally provides for a period of three to six months during which he can not be dismissed.

The exclusive mandate: With this contract, you entrust the sale of your property to a single agency. You can no longer assign a mandate to another agency. The maximum duration of the exclusive mandate is fixed at three months, at the end of which the seller can put an end to it.

In order to increase sales, the real estate agent must also display real estate advertisements on the agency’s website or in the press. 
Internet support has become one of the largest media of real estate communication. The number of internet users looking at classified property sites continues to grow. 
The site must be attractive, clear and professional. Community platforms are also created for future sellers or real estate buyers. Having a slogan for a real estate agent is also important. This will aim to arouse the curiosity of potential customers to come for more information. : “At Cimm immobilizer, your real estate agent advises you on a daily basis”.