The purchase or sale of real estate is a fairly important investment in life. There is necessarily a real estate agency that is in your area and who can advise you and help you in your choice for housing or the sale of your property 
The real estate agencies have the essential purpose of helping people who want to buy or rent a property or sell their home. But they can also deal with the daily problems of homeowners and tenants.

Real estate agencies and franchises
In times of crisis, the real estate market has still found its place.
Indeed, the increase of the franchises in the real estate is well installed. A large number of real estate agency networks have been created, setting up real estate advertisements for which their agencies are responsible. This is particularly a strategic choice that allows putting a national communication. The franchisee benefits from the brand image and reputation of the brand in relation to its customers.
For example, since its creation in 1979, the CIMM Immobilier network has continued to grow and now has 150 branches in France.

Definition of real estate network
A real estate network facilitates the task of its members. By using methods and having a transaction in good conditions, a real estate network offers discounted rates when advertising online, to ensure better visibility in all media such as the press or television .
Each real estate agency connected to a network is then in direct contact with other real estate agencies with which it shares their information and documents concerning their customers.
For example, the CIMM Entreprises network is a national network specializing in the sale of real estate. companies.