Living in a house or an apartment often brings us many questions.

If you want to buy a property you will have a thousand questions in mind! What credit will I borrow from my bank? What are the market prices? Buy an apartment or a house? Buying a home, living there or making a real estate investment is not like buying a bath rod, you must not take any risk! Mambopark the real estate blog, will address many articles about buying and selling, you will find so many tips.

It is the same if you want to become a tenant, live in an apartment or a house while being a tenant asks to respect certain rules. The tenant as the owner have different rights, it is essential to know them. And if you have made a rental investment, our real estate blog will be very useful for finding good advice and tips that will be of really useful use. Tenants or owners, thanks to our blog your accommodation will have no secrets.

Whether you have bought your home, whether you are a tenant, whether it is a primary residence, secondary or a rental cottage you will have to ask many questions about: decoration, security , insulation, energy management. Our real estate blog will address all topics related to your home, and you will improve your comfort, save money. Mambopark is a blog about real estate talking about … all things revolving around real estate