It is necessary to proceed to the thermal insulation of his house if one wishes to limit his heat losses and his energy consumption. The roofs of a house, the main cause of these losses, are also the priority target of insulation work

The importance of loft insulation

In a poorly insulated home, the heat can leak from all sides, but not with the same importance. For example, while the floor of the house lets almost 10% of the heat from your heaters, windows and walls let each escape up to 20%. These are already important figures, but secondary compared to  heat losses caused by poorly insulated attics, which are responsible for nearly 35% of total losses. It would be unwise to proceed to the insulation of his house without starting with that of the attic. Properly insulated, the roof can alone, induce hundreds of euros in annual energy savings, reduce your bills by a third, but also significantly clean the air in your home, while making it more comfortable . Indeed, more than the insulation of the walls or that of the floor, the insulation of the attic allows an important regulation of the temperatures within the house, as well as that of the hygrometry, by absorbing the excessive humidity. Particularly uncomfortable in winter and can cause the formation of condensation, even mold,

Methods adapted to your home

Very common, the insulation of the attic is carried out each year in thousands of dwelling. the  specialistshave no trouble insulating roofs, even when they are difficult to access, and have different techniques adapted to your needs. Thus, they will opt for interior or exterior insulation of your attics depending on the layout of the premises, current heat leaks, your budget or the visual impact of the work, in order to best meet your requirements. A specialist will determine the nature of the most suitable insulating materials, among glass wool, cellulose wadding, phenolic foam, in the form of rolls, rigid panels or granules. The attic insulation is finally a fast worksite that professionals are accustomed to, unlike the insulation of a floor or walls, that the presence of windows or wall heaters can make it delicate and unsightly. In addition, if properly installed, the insulation of your roof can protect your home for more than 25 years. It thus avoids premature deterioration, makes you benefit from its qualities for many years and can also improve the energy class of your home, and thus its value, in the long term.

Have your attic free

Attic insulation has another important advantage: the possibility of being carried out free of charge. Since 2013, as part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, the State has massively subsidized thermal renovation work for individuals and businesses. As a result, you can benefit from insulation work of your attics for free, provided you meet certain conditions. The attics concerned must first be attics lost, so impossible to develop. It is also necessary that the dwelling is your principal residence, or that it is rented as such. There are still criteria of income, family composition and locality. Although these conditions seem restrictive, In fact, they allow thousands of French households to obtain their insulation for free, carried out by certified professionals who respect environmental standards. Homes not eligible for free admission may still have numerous financial aids , such as the zero-rate loan (eco-PTZ), the tax credit, the direct subsidies of the National Agency for Housing or the reduction of the VAT of the works, as many partial aids but nevertheless important, since they can easily halve the total cost of your thermal renovation work.